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As the first US-based commercial processor, Colorado Hemp Works offers natural food companies hand-crafted, on-demand industrial hemp grain processing. We wholesale a wide range of food-grade products derived from this versatile seed, and we provide the freshest source available by processing just days before our clients’ needs. Imported hemp grain yields often sit for months before shipping, resulting in a stale ingredient when it arrives at your facility. Experience the difference fresh hemp hearts, hemp seed oil and hemp protein powders make in your products!

Hemp Grain Processing

Hemp Grain Toll Processing

We partner with Colorado farmers to offer toll processing for their whole seed. We customize our relationship and services to each farmer’s needs.

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Hemp Seed Products (Oil)

Wholesale Hemp Grain Products

Hemp Hearts, Hemp Seed Oil, Seed Cake, Hemp Flour, Shell Casings, Protein/Fiber Powders, Custom and/or Proprietary Products.

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Hemp Harvest Purchasing

Hemp Grain Harvest Purchasing

We are always looking for farmers to contract with on current and future harvests. We have established markets and want to help you reach them.

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Colorado Hemp Works Facility

Local Processing Facility

With our industrial hemp processing facility in Longmont, CO, we can produce and deliver products efficiently. Same-day processing is available for the freshest possible ingredients.

Fresh Products

Pounds Per Day Throughput

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The Mighty Hemp Seed

Thinking of planting or using hemp? Join us in the movement to share the benefits of this seed with everyone who cares about healthy lifestyles and responsible sustainability.

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  • Nutrient Rich

    High in plant-based protein, fiber, omega-3, and omega-6

  • 100% Vegan

    A completely vegan food

  • Naturally Allergen Free

    GMO free, gluten free, tree-nut free, soy free, and dairy free

  • Sustainable

    Sustainable and biodiversity friendly

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If you’re interested in sourcing your hemp grain products here in the United States, please contact us. We’re always looking for quality natural food companies and partners.


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